The future of telecommunications is here – eMobile

“Building a better future together” 

Through all the chaos and uncertainty, a new company was born, a company that unites people; a company that cares not about their earnings or profits, but about the well-being of the people of South Africa, a company that puts people before profit! 

This company is eMobile, with our vision of people-helping-people; we lead by example, by sharing our profits with the people of South Africa. We strongly believe, now is not the time to profit, but the time to share.

The future of telecommunications is here – eMobile. 

With our reduced call rates and HD call quality we give our customers the opportunity to call more for less.

eMobile alludes to putting people and the economy in the right order. It’s all about contributing to an economy where people of South Africa come first.

By employing technology and a solid business model we are able to assist people to overcome the perpetual cycle of poverty by sharing the profits of the company with everyone.

South Africa’s first cloud based mobile network 

eMobile is South Africa’s first cloud based mobile network. We offer our clients a second number on their device with the ability to make cheaper calls at 55c per minute on our HD quality network.

  • No SIM cards
  • No porting of numbers
  • No fuss, no stress
  • HD quality calls
  • HD Video calling functionality 
  • Chat functionality

Your current number remains active and you continue to make use of it. You will use your eMobile number to make outbound calls at 55c per minute saving you an immense amount of money.

Stop using airtime that takes money – Start using airtime that makes money 

Become an activating agent and earn your share of profits as follows: 

  • Once off activation bonus of R100 per activation paid out directly to you weekly.
  • R25 recurring monthly commission on all activations that remain active for life

To become an activating agent you need to activate yourself first and receive your unique activation code/number. With this code you can now activate as many people as you wish. 

A more in depth explanation is available in your backoffice once you activate.

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