Welcome to a Journey of Generosity:

A conversation with friends around the transforming power of living a generous life.

A Journey of Generosity is an overnight retreat focused on the joy of living generously. It includes stories of generous givers, interactive discussions, reflection opportunities and Bible study that enables participants to process the biblical message of generosity. It is story driven and experiential in nature. We do not provide teaching, nor are we prescriptive, instead each participant has the freedom to experience their unique journey with God around generosity.

Who should go ?

Anyone who has experienced that it is more blessed to give than to receive. if you’ve been invited to a Journey of Generosity, someone already believes you are generous and knows the joy you’ll find as you further explore this life giving message with friends.

Is there a hidden agenda?

Many people who want to talk to you about money want something from you .Generosity Path is privately funded, so you’ll never be asked for money. Ever. Here is our agenda: we want to give you the gift of conversation. We want your heart to be captured bu Jesus and generosity and to create a place to figure out what that means for your journey. we don’t want something in from you, we want something for you.

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